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   Domes are monolithic constructions, molded from polystyrene concrete using spherical segment formwork.
   Formwork - is the foundation of all dome projects that our company offers. Using a set of formwork, we can build three domes with diameters of 4, 7 and 9 m, that do not need additional leveling of surfaces.
   Construction don’t need using of elevating crane. So the costs are reduced on construction. Drying time for the dismantling of formwork - 3 days. In good weather the time of building of the walls are 15 - 17 days.
   During the construction of the dome it spent less materials than in the construction of the traditional cubical of the same area! This allows you to save on construction more than 35%.

   Application of domes in high-rise construction

   Polystyrene concrete, the material for the domes, prepared right on building site. This reduces the cost of delivering heavy materials. The weight of this material is 250 kg/m3. This allows using of dome structure, not   only for the construction of residential houses, but also as architectural elements of tall buildings.
   With the technology of our company's data structures for high-rise buildings can be used to decorate the appearance, and as a full warm room. Dome add-ons can serve as the top floor penthouses, offices, technical facilities, panel, rooms for conferences, workshops, art rooms, conservatories, SPA-centers, training facilities, restaurants, cafes, chapel, etc.

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-We can build dome structures for you.
-We can sell you a set of formwork.
-We can cast only Spheres in on your plot of land rest of the work YOU done.
-We are ready to sell Projects and accompany it.

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