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купольные строения для коммерции

Company SFERAstroy offers you a new concept of construction!

   If you have conceived to build the house, take a look at it differently.

   Build a house for yourself the ideal - spherical form!

   From ancient times we have the stereotype that any building, whether it is a house, office building, high-rise, must have the corners. It may be with some design elements, but it is always laid the basis for a square or rectangle. This form of the long-known opinion has a number of benefits and advantages: it is easy to divide the rooms, create a design inside, arrange furniture, etc. But we never thought that the nature there are no square or angular forms at all. Starting from the most global - our planet, and ending with the smallest - molecules and atoms, everything has a circular form. Nature creates for itself the most appropriate, comfortable forms. But people are always looking for something for themselves though everything is already been invented long time ago. Nature tells us  a circle  is an ideal form for life.

   Perfect architectural form!1

   Natural forms have no corners. All natural lines are smooth. Cube, rectangle were invented by people artificially. Everything creating by nature : sun, moon, our planet, natural phenomena - a drop of rain, a rainbow has a circular form.

   Life begins from the circle: egg, fish spawn. Even human life develops in the womb. And it also has a spherical form. This is the first human "home" . The most convenient, comfortable and safe.

2   Over time, growing up, kids continue to perceive the circle as protection. Drawing on the asphalt, a child always draws his house in the form of a circle. He subconsciously believes the safest just that form. There is neigher a square, no a triangle, namely circle.

      From early childhood, we understand that the sphere, circle - this is the most convenient form for life.

SFERAstroy - this is your cozy and comfortable family home, 

in which you will feel protected from all the surrounding turmoil.